Course curriculum

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    • Introduction

    • Decorative Products Overview

    • Decorative Products Overview Quiz

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    • AquaBasin

    • AquaBasin Quiz

  • 3

    Decorative Products

    • Spillway Bowls

    • AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit

    • Patio Ponds

    • Aquatic Patio Pond Kit

    • Aquatic Patio Pond Kit Installation

  • 4

    Fire Products

    • Fire Products Overview

    • Fire Products

    • Faux Stone Fire Pit

    • Fire and Water Basalt Torch System

    • Fire and Water Spillway Bowl

    • Fire and Water Stacked Slate Sphere

    • Fire Products Quiz


Product Manager

Matt Augustine

Matt has been employed with Aquascape for over 8 years. Due to his interest in aquatics, he joined the Aquascape team part-time while obtaining his education degree at Illinois State University. After jumping around to several different departments including customer care and maintenance, he found his place in the product department working as a product manager under VP of Product Development, Dave Kelly. Matt is responsible for a variety of product-related tasks including product development, competitive analysis, training, instructional and marketing copy, and more. Matt uses his product knowledge, passion, creativity, and understanding of the industry to help guide key decisions and provide innovative products that help our products install water features. In his free time, Matt enjoys music, beer, food, and spending time with family.

VP of Product Management

Dave Kelly

Dave joined the early ranks of Aquascape in 1996, with a bachelor’s degree in environmental health science from Illinois State University, with an emphasis in constructed wetlands and natural methods for wastewater treatment. Dave is able to apply a wide range of experience and expertise in the areas of water, plants, fish, and water ecology. As vice president of product development, Dave is instrumental in translating product performance information and research and development from the field into product improvement and new product development for Aquascape. Dave is a highly sought after presenter at Pondemonium and water gardening seminars across the country, and has successfully trained numerous green industry professionals. He co-authored The Pond Builder’s Bible, The Pond Retailer’s Bible, Succeeding & Prospering with Water Features: Volume II, and Pond Building for Hobbyists. Patented products that carry Dave’s stamp of expertise include the Constructed Wetland, Pondless® Waterfalls, and the Signature Skimmer.