Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Aquascape Pumps

    • Introduction to Aquascape Pumps

  • 2

    Magnetic Driven Pumps

    • Magnetic Driven Pumps

    • Magnetic Driven Pumps: Statuary

    • Magnetic Driven Pumps: AquaJet

    • Magnetic Driven Pumps: Ultra

    • Magnetic Driven Pumps: Ecowave

    • Magnetic Driven Pumps Quiz

  • 3

    Asynchronous Pumps

    • Asynchronous Pumps

    • Asynchronous Pumps: AquaSurge

    • Asynchronous Pumps: SLD

    • Asynchronous Pumps: AquaForce

    • Asynchronous Pumps: Adjustable Flow Pumps

    • Asynchronous Pumps Quiz

  • 4

    Direct Drive Pumps

    • Direct Drive Pumps

    • Direct Drive Pumps: PL & PN Series

    • Direct Drive Pumps Quiz

  • 5

    Selecting the Proper Pump

    • Selecting the Proper Pump

    • Selecting the Proper Pump Quiz

  • 6

    Smart Control Pump Receiver

    • Smart Control Pump Receiver

  • 7

    Pump Troubleshooting & Maintenance

    • How to Troubleshoot and Maintain a Pump

    • Pump Cleaner Maintenance Solution

    • AquaSurge Pump Maintenance

    • Ultra Pump Maintenance

    • AquaForce Pump Maintenance

    • Pump Troubleshooting & Maintenance Quiz

  • 8

    Check Valve

    • Check Valve

    • Check Valve Quiz

  • 9

    Pond Powerhead

    • Pond Powerhead Overview

    • Pond Powerhead

    • Pond Powerhead Quiz

  • 10


    • Aeration Overview

    • Aeration Kits

    • Pond Aerator Maintenance

    • Pro Air Troubleshooting

    • Aeration Quiz


VP of Product Management

Dave Kelly

Dave joined the early ranks of Aquascape in 1996, with a bachelor’s degree in environmental health science from Illinois State University, with an emphasis in constructed wetlands and natural methods for wastewater treatment. Dave is able to apply a wide range of experience and expertise in the areas of water, plants, fish, and water ecology. As vice president of product development, Dave is instrumental in translating product performance information and research and development from the field into product improvement and new product development for Aquascape. Dave is a highly sought after presenter at Pondemonium and water gardening seminars across the country, and has successfully trained numerous green industry professionals. He co-authored The Pond Builder’s Bible, The Pond Retailer’s Bible, Succeeding & Prospering with Water Features: Volume II, and Pond Building for Hobbyists. Patented products that carry Dave’s stamp of expertise include the Constructed Wetland, Pondless® Waterfalls, and the Signature Skimmer.