Course curriculum

  • 2

    Cash vs. Accrual Accounting

    • Cash vs Accrual Accounting

    • Cash vs Accrual Accounting Quiz

  • 3

    Monitoring Financial Health

    • What is a Balance Sheet?

    • What is an Income Statement?

    • What is Cashflow?

    • Monitoring Financial Health Quiz

  • 4

    Owner's Draw vs Salary: How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner?

    • Owner's Draw vs. Salary

    • How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner Quiz

  • 5

    When, Why and How Do I Do That?

    • Easy to Follow Accounting Best Practices Checklist

    • USA Record Retention

    • Easy to Follow Accounting Best Practices Quiz

  • 6

    Building A Sales Budget

    • Building a Sales Budget

    • Building a Sales Budget Quiz

  • 7

    Accounting FAQs

    • Frequently Asked Accounting Questions


Chief Financial Officer

Beth Montgomery

Beth Montgomery has over 25 years of financial related experience. Beth brings a comprehensive financial background to Aquascape in her role as Chief Financial Officer. Beth is responsible for all financial activities for the company, which includes directing accounting, collection, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and banking relationships. Beth is also responsible for championing and managing Supply Chain Management and Warehouse operations. Prior to joining Aquascape in 2004, Beth served in various accounting and auditing roles in both public accounting and the private sector. Beth received a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and finance from University of Findlay. She strives to ensure that she and her teams provide management with accurate and timely financial data to assist them in the management of the company’s resources. Beth is also committed to helping the Company serve both the internal and external customers in an effective and supportive manner. Beth is a big sports fan enjoying baseball, football and soccer. She invests time in her community as Treasurer for not-for-profit soccer club, attends St. Peter's Church and is a past member of the Mothers Club of Geneva. Beth resides in Geneva, Illinois with her husband David, son Nathan, and daughter Katie.