Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Sales Lead Process

    • Project Financing

    • Scheduling Installs

    • Job Folders

    • Post Installation

  • 3


    • Scheduling Spring Cleanouts

    • Scheduling Fix-Its and Repairs

    • Scheduling Maintenance Packages

    • Scheduling Fall Shutdowns

    • Scheduling Winter Maintenance

  • 4

    Construction Department Software

    • Jobber

    • OrcaScan

    • Geotab

  • 5

    Construction Admin Quiz

    • Construction Admin Quiz


Construction Operations Manager

Jenna Nelson

Jenna Nelson has been with Aquascape since 2017. Jenna has worked in the Customer Service industry for over 12 years. During her tenure at Aquascape, Jenna has worked with the team to improve the daily operations of the local market. Among her many responsibilities, Jenna manages the schedules of Brian Helfrich and the rest of the Construction and Maintenance team. According to Jenna, “I have learned so much about the industry in the four short years I have been working here. I continue to grow, learn, and improve the processes and procedures every day.” In her free time, Jenna loves to be outside, either playing sports or just hanging out. “I love playing with my nieces and nephews, and watching them grow up every day!”