Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Job Descriptions

    • Where to Advertise Open Positions

    • Recruitment Tools

    • Recruiting Quiz

  • 3


    • Pre-Screening Candidates

    • Interview Process

    • The Interview

    • Sample Interview

    • Legal Requirements

    • Close the Interview

    • Evaluate the Candidate

    • Follow Up

    • Interviewing Quiz

  • 4

    Performance Management

    • Performance Management

    • Performance Reviews

    • Goal Setting

    • Following Up On Goals

    • Performance Management Goals Quiz

  • 5

    Employee Retention

    • Employee Retention

    • Employee Retention Quiz

  • 6

    HR Compliance (US)

    • Introduction & Objectives

    • Employee Handbook

    • Job Application & Interviewing

    • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

    • Employee Record Keeping

    • Workplace Harassment

    • Safety

    • HR Compliance (US) Quiz


Vice President of HR

Jennifer Peck

Jennifer has been with Aquascape since 2004 and has worked in various departments. She joined the HR team in 2012. In her most recent role as HR Director, Jennifer is responsible for benefits, payroll, talent acquisition, employee relations, and coordination of company events. Her career, prior to Aquascape, was primarily in retail management, including a position as Director of Store Operations for a 10 store retail chain. Jennifer has been responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and employee development throughout her career and has written and implemented an employee handbook for two organizations. In recent years, Jennifer has helped plan Pondemonium®, as well as other company events. Jennifer earned her BS in Human Resource Management from Michigan State University. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and is certified as a SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP). In her free time Jennifer loves to travel with her daughter, Lily, who also shares her passion for photography.

HR Generalist

Ann Schilling

With over 30 years of Human Resource experience, Ann joined Aquascape in 2015 after working in HR for a large retail grocery chain in the Chicagoland area. During her career, she has held various positions in HR including recruiting, education, training, associate relations and medical accommodations. Ann holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business/Marketing from Northern Illinois University. Ann lives in Geneva, IL with her husband and has two adult children.