Course curriculum

  • 2

    General Marketing Information

    • 10 Ways Aquascape Helps You Grow Your Business

    • Creating a Brand For Your Business

    • How to Establish a Marketing Plan and Budget

    • General Marketing Quiz

  • 3

    Marketing Your Company Website

    • Introduction

    • Five Things Your Website Needs

    • Four Ways to Promote Water Features on Your Company Website

    • How to Optimize Images for Web

    • How to Find the Right SEO/SEM Partner

    • How to Create a Google Business Listing

    • Marketing Your Company Website Quiz

  • 4


    • How to Customize a Sales Lead Letter

    • How to Use the Aquascape ProShop

    • How to Use Zillow as a Lead Generation Tool

    • Success with E-Mail Marketing

    • Communications Quiz

  • 5

    Social Media Best Practices

    • Step 1: Record It!

    • Step 2: Vertical Videos

    • Step 3: Vertical Timelapse

    • Demo: Create a Vertical Timelapse for Social Media

    • Step 4: Transitions

    • Step 5: "Before" Videos

    • Step 6: Progress Shots

    • Step 7: "After" Videos

    • Step 8: "Before" Photos

    • Step 9: "After" Photos

    • Step 10: Uploading Content

    • Step 11: Creating Reels

    • Demo: Creating a Reel

    • Step 12: Video Length

    • Step 13: Trending Audio

    • Step 14: Be a Social Media Thief!

    • Step 15: Staying Relevant

    • Step 17: Collaborations

    • Step 16: Telling a Story

    • Demo: Inviting a Collaborator

    • Step 18: Instagram Templates

    • Demo: How to Use Instagram Templates

    • Step 19: Sharing is Caring!

    • Step 20: Schedule

    • Quiz: Social Media Best Practices

  • 6

    Social Media: Facebook

    • How to Create a Facebook Business Page

    • How to Grow Your Facebook Following

    • How to Create a Paid Facebook Advertisement

    • How to Promote & Sell Products via Facebook

    • Facebook Quiz

  • 7

    Social Media: Instagram

    • How to Create an Instagram Business Profile

    • How to Grow Your Instagram Following

    • Instagram Quiz

  • 8

    Social Media: Pinterest

    • How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

    • Pinterest Quiz

  • 9


    • How to Use Video and Photography to Grow Your Business

    • What Equipment Do You Really Need?

    • Water Feature Photography 101

    • Water Feature Videography 101

    • How to Create Videos Using Animoto

    • How to Find a Video Editor on Upwork

    • How to Work with an Upwork Video Editor

    • Multimedia Quiz


Director of Marketing

Aveline Hauser

With 20 years’ experience in B2B and B2C brand management, strategic planning, digital marketing, and integrated marcom initiatives; Aveline joined Aquascape in June 2016 as Director of Marketing. Her proven reputation as a well-rounded strategic marketer helps to continue positive momentum of the Aquascape brand at both the wholesale and consumer level. Aveline graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in broadcast journalism. She lives in North Aurora, IL, with her husband and two children.

Social Media Coordinator

Mitch Feltz

Mitch manages nearly all the social media marketing for Aquascape Inc. His background in public relations and digital marketing made him the perfect candidate to boost our brand presence on social platforms. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations after graduating from Drake University in 2018. Shortly before joining the Aquascape Team this past November, he worked an internship at a digital marketing agency writing blogs and managing social media.

Marketing Communications Manager

Jennifer Zuri

Jennifer Zuri has been employed with Aquascape Inc. for 16 years and currently serves as marketing communications manager. She oversees the digital marketing and social media strategies for the company, and identifies and manages public relations initiatives. Jennifer authored the book, The Pond Builder’s Guide to Break Even, and co-authored Container Water Gardening for Hobbyists. She served as project manager and editor for numerous other Aquascape water gardening publications. Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Taylor University, Upland, IN. She completed over 30 hours of computer science coursework at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL.