Course curriculum

  • 1

    Water Feature Maintenance

    • Maintaining a Fountainscape

    • Maintaining a Fountainscape Quiz

    • Maintaining a Pondless Waterfall

    • Maintaining a Pondless Waterfall Quiz

    • Maintaining a Pond - Part 1

    • Maintaining a Pond - Part 2

    • Maintaining a Pond Quiz

  • 2

    Spring Cleanouts

    • Spring Cleanout Process

    • Spring Cleanouts

    • Ecosystem Pond Cleanout

    • Large Pondless Waterfall Cleanout

    • Large Wetland Pond Cleanout

  • 3

    Maintenance Packages

    • Maintenance Packages

  • 4

    Fall Shutdowns & Pond Nettings

    • Fall Shutdowns and Pond Nettings

    • Winter Pond Prep/Shutdown

    • Fountainscape Fall Shutdown

  • 5

    Winter Maintenance

    • Winter Maintenance

  • 6

    Fix-Its and Repairs

    • Fix-Its and Repairs

  • 7

    Maintenance Vehicles & Equipment

    • Vehicles and Equipment

    • Tour of Aquascape Maintenance Van

    • Maintenance Tech Tools

  • 8

    Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Maintenance Questions

    • How do you find a leak?

    • How do you maintain a Biofalls?

    • How do you maintain a skimmer?

    • "My pump isn't working properly!"

    • Can you put chlorine in a pondless or fountainscape?

    • How do you take care of string algae?

    • How do you take care of green water?

    • How do you take care of brown water?

    • How do you take care of foamy water?

    • How do you know when to add water?

    • What do bubbles in the Biofalls mean?

    • How do you prevent fish from getting stuck in the skimmer?

    • "Help! Somebody stole my fish!"

    • How often should I test my water?

    • What do you do with the fish in the winter-time?

    • Can I move my fish indoors in the winter-time?

    • How do you know if it is evaporation or a leak?

    • How do you keep your fish safe from herons?

    • How do you keep your fish safe from mink?

    • Can you put your pumps on a timer?

    • How to replace a faceplate on an older skimmer

    • Leak or Clogged Skimmer?

    • Repotting Water Lilies

  • 9

    Maintenance Quiz

    • Maintenance Quiz


Vice President of Construction

Brian Helfrich

Brian has been with Aquascape, Inc. since 1995, starting out in the warehouse and working his way up to his current position as construction manager. He’s given hundreds of pond construction seminars across the country and is considered to be one of the premier waterfall builders in the nation. Brian shared his pond expertise as a contributing author for The Pond Builder’s Bible, published by Aquascape, Inc. Brian’s creative pond designs have been featured in numerous publications, including Better Homes and Gardens special interest publications, and Nature’s Garden. In addition, Brian has generously extended his pond artistry to several impressive, public water feature designs including Epcot® International Flower and Garden Show, Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and more. He also appeared on Nat Geo Wild’s “Pond Stars” series. Since 2006, Brian has designed and led the project team for Aquascape’s signature water gardens at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show, much to the delight of show attendees. In 2009, Brian and the Aquascape Designs construction crew received the Silver Award for Excellence in Landscape from the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association.